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Welcome to Skyline Security

Your clients’ trust is at the heart of your business and for over ten years Skyline Security Consulting has helped small to mid-sized banks in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania keep their clients’ assets secure and information confidential.  Offering a range of services including compliance services, managed services and technology support and administration, Skyline keeps your infrastructure and processes up to date, secure and running as efficiently as possible.

While the world of information technology is incredibly complex and rapidly changing, the complexity and stakes are even higher for businesses in the highly regulated financial services industry.  With new threats constantly developing and regulations changing, it can seem impossible to keep your IT infrastructure and processes up to date and compliant.

When you partner with Skyline you can trust that you and your clients will be protected with deep experience, cutting edge technology solutions, and up to the moment knowledge of your industry’s IT and regulatory landscape.  This allows you to focus on the important work of growing your business.

We Are Skyline

All of our Network Security Administrators are highly qualified and maintain a broad range of certifications including:

  • Network Security Administrators – (NSA)
  • Cisco – CCSI, CCNP, CCNA, CCDA
  • SANS GIAC – Incident Handling
  • SANS GIAC – Forensics
  • SANS GIAC – Intrusion Detection
  • Windows 2003 – Active Directory
  • Windows 2003 – Exchange

With our deep knowledge of your regulatory landscape we also comply with the following federal guidelines:

  • FDIC
  • OCC
  • OTS
  • NCUA
  • GBLA
  • Sarbanes-Oxley

With a focus on improved security and increased efficiency, all at a competitive price, Skyline offers hassle free cost effective solutions to your technology and security needs.

Trust is at the heart of your business and ours, and when you partner with Skyline you can trust that your business will be protected from whatever threats the future holds.

Learn more about our services or contact us today for more information.

About The Founder

Jamell Creque is President of SkyLine Security Consulting LLC. As founder of this internet technology consulting firm he has developed and delivers strategic, cost effective and high return-on-investment IT security solutions. He is certified in IT Security, CISSP (www.isc2.org), CCSP (www.cisco.com/certifications) and GCIA (www.sans.org). Mr. Creque has a BS in Electrical Engineering from NC State University and has worked in the industry for over 10 years with notable technology companies such as IBM and Sungard Data Systems. As the principal consultant to Executive Officers in the financial, nonprofit and higher education industries, Mr. Creque has helped his clients to minimize costs while navigating regulatory compliance challenges.