Host Intrusion Detection

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Host Intrusion Detection

Protection from unauthorized activity on your network

Immediate Notification of Unauthorized Activity

Even the most secure network can be compromised by a determined assailant. With real time configurable alerts you’ll find out the instant an attacker begins engaging in unauthorized activity on your network.

Seamless Integration with Current Infrastructure across Multiple Platforms

HID integrates seamlessly with your current investments including SIM/SEM (Security Incident Management/Security Events Management) products for centralized reporting and correlation of events. HID also allows customers to effortlessly implement a comprehensive host based intrusion detection system across multiple platforms such as Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP – UX, BSD, Windows, Mac and Vmware ESX.

FFIEC Compliant

HID helps you fulfill your FFIEC compliance obligations by detecting and alerting on unauthorized file system modifications and malicious behavior based on entries in the log files of custom applications.

Agent and Agentless Monitoring

HID offers the flexibility of agent based and agentless monitoring of systems and networking components such as routers and firewalls. It lets customers who have restrictions on software being installed on systems meet security and compliance needs.